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The Perfect Day

And later, when night fell, Dak and I scattered most of Yoska's remaining ashes into the sea. He showed up as an orb in a photo that we will not share and also on the shot glasses we bought to mix sand and shells with some of the ashes we decided to keep. We will scatter what is left of the urn  as we go over his bridge. 

I thought about scattering them in Charley's pond. But I was thinking a pond can sometimes be stagnant. So the bridge it is. Maybe I will write about it. Maybe I won't.

Dak still has enough ashes to mix with mine, and to scatter in Jamaica and Amsterdam. I have enough to scatter in New York City when I can without falling apart. I thought I was going to die putting him in the sea...but then a gust of wind named Yoska blew some of the ashes - which were his own - back into my face and I just had to laugh.