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Human Rites Of Sacrifice

As a matter of forthcoming interest - I still believe suicide is a fundamental human right.

And with that said, I read the news today...

So do I believe Bill Clinton took the Lolita Express to 'Pedophile [Or Ephebophile] Island' where 2 owls [representing Moloch, God of child sacrifice?] stood guard to the temple?  Oh yeah. 100%.

Do I believe Jeffrey Epstein, convicted sex offender [sex trafficking of minors] and owner of the temple had proof that he and many other high ranking members of government and society - were guilty of sleeping with under-age girls who were groomed to be sex slaves?  Yep. 100%

Do I believe Epstein committed suicide in a ligature proof cell? Nope. The man was a canary.  He was silenced as stoolies often are. No cameras. No evidence. No witnesses.

Jeffrey Epstein was a deviant who showed a strong interest in improving the human race through genetic engineering, his own sperm and artificial intelligence. He was primitive, a throwback, and lacked an enlightened sense of morality. He was  hard-wired for perversion from the very beginning.

It is possible, I suppose, that he is now living as someone else in an undisclosed location. Perhaps somewhere in South America where he will live out his years in a witness protection program. 

Whatever his end I truly can not even begin to fathom the depths to which men and women choose to fall.