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Psychic Day 2019

I predict I am going to the arcades on the boardwalk. And  later I am going to eat  a slice of Grotto's Pizza and a fried oyster sandwich.

This Fortune Teller known as The Old Gypsy has been on the boardwalk in Ocean City since the 1940's. I actually remember it being on the boardwalk. Now it is in one of my favorite arcades.

She always fascinated  me and I remember telling my friends that she was my birth mother. → 😜 ←

🔮 ✨ 🧙‍♀️

Yes, she read my fortune for 25¢.

I won't copy the entire reading. But it ended with this:

Oh, happiness what an elusive thing you are.
But thank God you were born beneath its star.

Uh huh.