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The Heatwave

The news is calling it a heatwave and have issued excessive heat warnings. But I just call it summer. It is hot, maybe even brutally so. But it is still just summer - perhaps at its finest if you think about it. 

I mean who wants a summer where it is just 70° every day? That is just late Spring where I live and maybe not even.

If you know it is deathly hot and live accordingly you will survive it - even during a power outage. 

I never think of heatwaves as being a particularly dangerous time. Perhaps I am not young enough or old enough. However, I know that it can be a deadly time for many.

The elderly who might not have a cooling system - not even a decent fan are in potentially serious danger and the elderly who live in houses with closed windows for fear of being broken into or robbed are in serious danger.  The lack of any ventilation can create a deadly scenario. 

Hopefully all those who are potentially at risk and or in harm's way have people who will take responsibility for them before it is too late.

No one should ever die in their home from dehydration, heat exhaustion and or heat stroke or outside of their home because they do not understand that the heat index is the apparent temperature - what the body actually feels. People sometimes don't understand how the human body cools down and how the rate of ,and or decrease in, sweating will affect them.

🔥 💦 

I will have my weekend errands done by 9 am tomorrow morning and I will spend the day watching movies inside. I may even go to the pool if it is not crowded. Sometimes when it is this hot, locals seeking the perks of air conditioning, free breakfast and a pool will book themselves a room for the week-end.