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Quitting The Slither

In a snakepit of thought. 

I thought today that there would be a lot to write about if I were someone else; someone separate from my other selves. I wanted to work on my scribblings - I have been copying them into a notebook for later use - but when I wasn't editing images and photos I mostly just stared at my desktop and all of  pythonic clutter. 

I am leaving for Ocean City again in 5 days. And I can not wait. My life here was over years ago. Yet I stayed hoping to pursue the future I thought I wanted. Now, I don't care if I ever see that beautiful Manhattan Studio Apartment. 

I always know exactly who I am when I am eating Thrasher's fries, Bull On The Beach [pit beef] or Grotto's pizza on the boardwalk. I always find me when I am on the beach. The sea grasses, the shells, the sound of the crashing waves and the sea salt in the air has always transported me to a place of artistic calm and creativity. At night I can get lost in the arcades, the bars and also the casino and return to the calm waiting for me on the balcony of my ocean view room. 

There are 2 meteor showers tonight [The alpha Capricornids and the southern Delta Aquariids] but I doubt if I will go lie down in the parking lot to watch them. I have always wanted to be many things in my life but street pizza hasn't been one of them.

For now. Just this.

Sent a doughnut idea to the Fractured Prune. But my email bounced. Address not found. I will suggest it to them on Sunday when Dak and I buy a dozen to keep in the room.

You can look at the amazing selection here → 🔗
Comment Porn:  It's so left field and extreme. It's just not cricket.