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Food Glorious Food

Mr. P brought a plate of Dhokla and a plate of fried potato cakes which may actually be made with chick peas or lentils. They taste similiar to Aloo Tikki but are thinner. I was able to give him the Cadbury chocolate I bought for him and Mrs. P.  I am so lucky to be blessed by them and sometimes I like to buy them treats that they might not buy for themselves. But perhaps I have already said as much in past entries.


Fried Potato Cakes

One day I will list the food treats I buy for them just in case you have vegetarian Hindus in your life who feed you as their own and you want to thank them but are not sure what they will eat and what they won't eat. Please understand that Mr. and Mrs. P give to Dak and I without expecting anything in return and because of this I keep my gifts to them respectful. I never want them to feel uncomfortable receiving them.