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Code Orange

It would seem the heatwave has brought life to somewhat of a standstill although people are playing in city fountains - as they should. Also there are several cooling centers to hang out in if you can not find relief. 

It is hot as fuck. Otherwise I do not know what else to say about it except that it could be a Code Red and it isn't.

I sent Sting a heart-felt, handwritten letter today. Probably because I am mentally ill. I don't particularly expect it to be well-received and I will probably wish I had committed suicide instead. But I hope he will remember me fondly if he survives the ordeal of reading it.

I am sorry we never made it as the couple we started out to be in 2007 and again in 2011. But I will always love him and I will never forget him.

I probably already regret sending it. Love is not anything worth pursuing, let alone worth writing about. And him having the 3 symbols of self-discovery,  he has to hate me some of the time. Also he can appear as a snake and a spider and is wired for inflicting pain and misery on himself and others. 🐍 

↓ On the other hand there is this ↓

Dak's Canadian candy haul sent from a friend who also mailed him a headset. We have since tried the Wunderbar. I probably wouldn't buy it for myself but it was quite good. I have tasted worse candy bars.

Last night's dish from Mr. P. I have no idea what it is. Only that is was amazing. As most of the food he brings is. He also brought a bowl of Sevaya kheer, a sweet vermicelli milk pudding made with golden raisins, almonds - possibly pistachios- and cardamon.