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My prediction is that a red wave is coming.  |♟|♟|♟|♟|♟|

I am basing my prediction on the premise that the opposition is blinded by its own anger and hatred and is at present feasting on its lack of intelligence, clarity of thought and unity within too many varied blue lines. |♟|♟|♟|♟|♟| 

In a word, the opposition is unhinged and the rage on which it is energizing itself is disturbing.

I did not base my prediction on my own political beliefs as they are not really of this world in as much as I believe in government of the self  [not to be confused with self-government]- and that is all I truly believe in.

Um, don't drown yourself thinking too deeply about what I just wrote. Translated it means - among many other things - that I will not attack you for your personal beliefs or show up in your country un-invited.

It is a great privilege to be an American.  It is also a great privilege to be a human with inalienable rights. 

Darts, anyone?  🎯

Taper Update:

As most of you probably know I intentionally chose to taper as fast as I could without risking significant brain damage.  The cut and suffer method is not for everyone and I am in no way suggesting my schedule should ever become someone else's road map. I always tell people don't follow me. I have no idea where the fuck I am or where the fuck I will end up. The destination won't really appear until I get there.

It can get scary real fast a few days into each new cut. The secret for me is to up-dose just one day and then soldier on and I only polydrug if and when I absolutely have to - which to date has just been recently and at a dose lower than prescribed.

If at any time I feel like I am in serious danger I will seek medical supervision at the ER located conveniently across the street.