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Not the units of electrical power. Not the neighborhood in South L.A.

But the anti zen philosophy and haiku teacher, wine drinking buddha and depressed, cigarette and weed smoking taoist drunk Alan Watts shining ever so brightly from the amazing canon he left behind. It is said of him that never missed a lecture or a deadline even when he battled depression. He was enlightened but suffering.

I spent last night reading a lot of his lectures I had meant to read a thousand years ago. I am sure we were both alive then.

Some believe Alan Watts was a genius, others believe he was a fool. Almost everyone focuses on the fact that he was an alcoholic who did not live the austere buddhist monk life he often challenged but professed to be true. However, I have my own theories and if ever there was a wise man with a broken mind to keep himself grounded, it was he who had a friend who said he would rather die early than 10 minutes too late.

A haiku is a concrete image of a moment in life - Alan Watts.

He wouldn't find many of my 5-7-5 haikus to be so. My haikus are so horribly written. 

There was a young man who said:
Though, It seems that I know that I know, What I would like to see Is the I that knows me When I know that I know that I know - Alan Watts

Alan Watts had the saddest eyes and I thought, for a moment, that my awakened sleeping self knew why. 

You can read Alan Watts The Book On The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are here → 🔗

The Apna Bazar Farmer's Market had its grand opening sale today. Mr. P brought an ad, 2 packages of Parle G biscuits - the largest selling biscuits in the world, and about 30 minutes later he brought fried spinach appetizers which were so good, Dak and I ate all of them. I remembered to take a photo after I had eaten several of them.

Yoska appeared as a Viking in Dak's most memorable dream last night. He didn't speak. He just smiled. I told Dak he still has your back. He always will!

To warriors everywhere....who fall so gracefully but remain with the living. 💞